Family Services & Special Education Advocacy

We provide the Educator empowerment series which is meaningful and tailored to you or your organization’s needs.

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Family Services & Special Education Advocacy is a vital support system for families navigating the complexities of the special education system. These services provide guidance, resources, and expert advocacy to help families secure appropriate education and support for their children with special needs. By fostering collaboration between families, schools, and professionals, they ensure that each child's unique requirements are met for a brighter educational future.


DBaker Consulting services offers a wide variety of not only instruction services, but consultations for individuals, families and organizations looking for the utmost inclusive practices.

Special Educational Advocacy & Consulting

Special Educational Advocacy & Consulting services provide expert guidance and support to families and students navigating the complexities of the education system to ensure that each child’s unique needs are met.

Professional Development & Training

Professional Development & Training services offer tailored programs and workshops designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals and organizations, fostering continuous growth and excellence in various fields.

Disability Coaching For The Workplace & 1:1 Job Coaching Accommodations

These services empower individuals with disabilities to thrive in their careers by providing personalized coaching and accommodations to ensure workplace success and inclusivity.

About Me

Desere Baker, M.S.Ed.

Desere has worked in a variety of capacities, including; board certified special education advocate, special education administrator, inclusive pre-k-12 teacher, and service coordinator. As her passion for the special education field grew, the desire to be a catalyst for change continued, and Desere earned her second Master's Degree at The University of Rochester in Educational Leadership. It is there that she began learning about equity in education and continued to fuel her zest for systematic change.

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